Areas of Expertise

Contract negotiation and management support

EJM & Associados’ team ensures tailor-made advice on commercial matters, providing support in contract negotiation and execution. We also provide legal support to management in preparing and advising on various events, including General Meetings, within a global and integrated business perspective.

Tax Law

In the area of tax law, EJM & Associados helps companies develop tax-based business strategies Coordinated by tax law experts accredited by the Portuguese Bar Association. This service’s main aim is to ensure adequate tax efficiency and provide a flawless defence of taxpayers’ rights before Tax Authorities and the Courts.

Commercial Law

As far as Commercial Law is concerned, EJM & Associados has extensive experience in company incorporation and in advising on amendments to Articles, such as adapting and modifying articles of incorporation and company by-laws, providing advice on devising corporate strategies and pursuing companies’ goals and objectives.

Environmental Law

On environmental matters, EJM & Associados has been a pioneer in Portugal in applying the concept of legally compliant audits through the provision of environmental certification and qualification for a number of companies, and has vast experience in environmental litigation.

Administrative Law and Urban Planning Law

In Administrative Law and Urban Planning Law, EJM & Associados mainly advises companies on:

  • Legal consultancy on public procurement and procurement litigation;
  • Analysis of compliance with zoning rules and sustainability of large investment projects;
  • Analysis of Land Management instruments and their constraints;
  • Integrated analysis of existing Urban Planning;
  • Legal advice on administrative procedures regarding urban operations (allotments, tourism projects, etc.);
  • Zoning and Building Litigation;
  • Legal advice on drafting of Zoning Plans and Detail Plans;
  • Advice on expropriations, from declaration of public use to court litigation.

Litigation and European Law

At EJM & Associados we have been investing in training and developing our team of lawyers in the field of European law, which has been growing in terms of litigation. Our lawyers have considerable expertise in advising on legal proceedings before European Courts and drafting complaints to the European Commission and the European Court of Human Rights.

Trademarks, Patents and Copyrights

EJM & Associados also provides a specialised service in the areas of copyright, trademarks and patents, acting effectively in preventing and resolving conflicts before appropriate national and international entities, including Arbitral Tribunals and Judicial Courts.

Labour Law

The business solutions offered by EJM & Associados require a thorough knowledge of various aspects of Labour Law, which calls for rigorous and extremely detailed work to provide information and ensure the prevention and settlement of disputes, thereby contributing to fair and responsible human resource management.

Debt Recovery

We have a team that is highly effective in dealing with pre-litigation and litigation processes to recover all types of debts.

Sports Law

EJM & Associados provides a specialised service in the area of sports law, namely in terms of national and international debt claims and claims for training compensation and solidarity contributions, as well as filing appeals with national and international sports bodies and providing extrajudicial mediation of sports conflicts.